Anterior Subluxation in the Chronically Anterior Cruciate Ligament-Deficient Knee: Comparison of Simultaneous Arthrometry and Stressradiography Using the KT 1000

  • H.-U. Stäubli
  • R. P. Jakob


Anterior drawer testing of the knee in 20° of flexion is widely acknowledged as a reliable clinical procedure for diagnosing chronic anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) deficiency (Torg et al. 1976; Trillat et al. 1978; Stäubli et al. 1985; Daniel et al. 1985; Müller etal. 1988). The direction, type, degree, and end point or limit of anterior tibial displacement are tested in patients with suspected ACL deficiency. Examiners have used a variety of methods for the objective testing of anteroposterior knee stability in vivo (Daniel et al. 1985; Jacobsen 1981; Markolf et al. 1978; Shino et al. 1984; Torzilli et al. 1981; Sherman et al. 1987). Daniel (personal communication, 1988), Markolf et al. (1978), and Edixhoven (1986) measured the central displacement of external bony landmarks by placing one sensor of a test device on the patella and another on the tibial tuberosity.


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  • R. P. Jakob

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