Seminal Vesicles

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Seminal vesicles are secretory glands that produce seminal fluid to support and maintain sperm. Seminal fluid constitutes the major volumes of the ejaculate. The seminal vesicles are paired glands located within the perivesical space behind and anterior the rectum. Pathologic processes from the prostate, bladder, or rectum can, therefore involve the seminal vesicles. The rectovesical fascia is placed between the seminal vesicles and the rectum (Lierse 1984). The seminal vesicles are largely extraperitoneal and only the lateral parts are covered by the peritoneum. Normally there is a 50°–60° angle between the seminal vesicles and the horizontal plane, the angle varying with the degree of distention of the bladder and rectum (Secaf et al. 1991). Because of the angle of orientation of the seminal vesicles, their medial and lateral ends are not included in the same cut (Higgins et al. 1992). After an abdominal perineal resection, the position and
Fig. 19.1

CT of the pelvis. The enhanced venous plexus is shown posterior and lateral to the bladder

orientation of the seminal vesicles change and they fill the empty space.


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