Equilibrium Fluctuations

  • Herbert Spohn
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We want to understand the dynamics of the hard core lattice gas in thermal equilibrium. The initial (t = 0) measure is then the Gibbs measure < · > ρ for the potential {J A , |A| ≧ 2} and with average density ρ, 0 ≦ ρ ≦ 1. By time stationarity the process η t can be extended to t ≦ O. Therefore η t (x), t∈ℝ, x∈ℤ d , is a reversible process stationary in space and time. Without risk of confusion space-time averages for η t (x) will also be denoted by < · > ρ . The average density ρ will be fixed throughout and we will omit the subscript ρ. The distribution of {η t (x), x∈ℤ d at a single time is the equilibrium measure < · >, in particular
$$ \left\langle {{{\eta }_{t}}\left( x \right)} \right\rangle = \rho $$
for every t, x. Conditions 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 (i) are assumed throughout.


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