Pressurised Water Reactor Simulation in the Training Environment

  • A. G. Wills
Conference paper


In March 1989, the Department of Nuclear Science and Technology (DNST) commissioned a digitally driven Display Array Simulation System for use in the training of personnel employed by the Ministry of Defence who are about to enter the Royal Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Programme.

The paper gives a brief history of Pressurised Water Reactor Simulation within the DNST and an outline of the training courses leading to the requirement for the Display Array Simulation System. Focus is then placed upon the flexible use of real time simulation in the teaching of plant dynamics by the use of model generated data.

The use of interactive consoles and a large scale colour graphic display has led to the success of the Display Array Simulation System within the DNST. Realisation of the potential of the system has led to many other proposed uses for the installed system and the paper concludes by discussing some of these.


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