Renal Cystic Disease

  • Erich K. Lang
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Cystic lesions are one of the most common abnormalities of the kidneys and are the most common asymptomatic space-occupying lesions (Lang 1973, 1980, 1986). While the vast majority of renal cysts are of the uncomplicated simple cyst variety, renal cystic disease comprises a heterogeneous group of developmental, acquired, and hereditary entities. A number of classifications based on appearance, location, associated disease, and hereditary factors have been proposed. Those that take into consideration radiographic findings have been found most useful for categorizing renal cystic disease for the radiologist’s use (Elkin and Bernstein 1969; Gleason et al. 1967; Grossman et al. 1968) (Table 9.1). Other classifications that have contributed greatly to our understanding of the disease have been based upon microdissection studies clarifying the morphology of different renal cystic disease entities (Osathanondh and Potter 1964).


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