Benign Renal Tumors

  • Jeffrey H. Newhouse
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Benign renal neoplasms are surprisingly common (Someren et al. 1989), but since many of them are very small and have virtually no potential to produce clinically significant disease, the important benign renal tumors encountered in an imaging practice appear relatively infrequently. Often, benign renal tumors can be distinguished from malignant ones by their imaging features (Williamson 1990), which permits appropriate therapeutic decisions to be made, and certain clinical events may raise the strong likelihood of particular benign tumors; for both reasons, a familiarity with these lesions is important for practicing radiologists (Amis and Newhouse 1991). This chapter will discuss first those tumors which are of epithelial origin, and then those which are felt to be mesenchymal or hamartomatous.


Renal Cell Carcinoma Tuberous Sclerosis Renal Oncocytoma Renal Angiomyolipoma Cystic Nephroma 
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