Inflammatory Renal Disease

  • Stanford M. Goldman
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


A disparity in terminology for inflammatory renal conditions has caused increasing difficulty in comparing observations reported in the radiologic vs urologic vs pathologic literature in the last two decades. The definitions of such terms as focal bacterial nephritis, lobar nephroma, and reflux nephropathy appear to vary by specialty, or the terms may be avoided altogether (Walsh et al. 1986; Gillenwater et al. 1987). The fact that many of these new terms are not recognized by the pathologist is also disconcerting. This feature carries over into the radiologic literature and has caused disagreement among radiologists as to the precise definition for each term. Focal bacterial nephritis and focal lobar nephroma have been used synonymously to indicate focal acute pyelonephritis by some radiologists, whereas others have used the latter term only if parenchymal destruction has occurred, but not a frank abscess.


Renal Pelvis Chronic Granulomatous Disease Acute Pyelonephritis Reflux Nephropathy Chronic Pyelonephritis 
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