Myelin and Myelin-Forming Cells in the Brain of Fish — A Cell Culture Approach

  • G. Jeserich
  • T. Rauen
  • A. Stratmann
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Myelin is an extension of the glial plasma membrane which is wrapped around nerve fibers in a typical multilamellar fashion. The occurence of densely compacted myelin around axons is a characteristic feature common to almost all vertebrate species, while it is only rarely observed in non-vertebrates (Bullock and Horridge 1965, Heuser and Doggenweiler 1966). The invention of the myelin sheath, which probably dates back to the Devonian period, several hundred million years of evolutionary history ago, can be regarded as a key step during evolution of the vertebrate brain, since it provided the basis for a most efficient mode of impulse propagation (saltatory conduction) by acting as an insulator against transmembrane ion currents and thus helped to save time, space and energy required for information processing in the brain (Rogart and Ritchie 1976).


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