Participation of CD4 and CD8 Accessory Molecules in the Development and Selection of T Lymphocytes

  • B. J. Fowlkes
  • D. Pardoll
  • T. Lantz
  • F. Ramsdell
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The contributions of the CD4 and CD8 accessory molecules to T cell receptor (TCR) specificity and thymic selection are matters of considerable interest. The tight correlation between CD4 expression and class II recognition and CD8 expression and class I recognition suggest that the accessory molecules are involved in specific MHC class recognition (Reinherz et al. 1983; Swain 1983). Supporting this notion is the fact that class I-specific responses can be blocked by anti-CD8 and class II by anti-CD4 antibodies (Marrack et al. 1983; Dialynas et al. 1983a). Others have provided data which demonstrate direct binding between accessory molecules and MHC (Doyle and Strominger, 1987).


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  • D. Pardoll
  • T. Lantz
  • F. Ramsdell

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