Lymphocystis Disease of Fishes

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Lymphocystis disease is a well-known viral infection of teleost fish species. It is characterized by conspicuous disease signs (Fig. 1A): small nodules which are located mostly on the body and fins. Occasionally, lymphocystis nodules occur in or on the surface of the body cavity and the internal organs as well as on the gills. Each nodule represents one single hypertrophied cell which may reach a size up to 2 mm in diameter and a volume of about a million-fold that of the normal cell, for example in European flounder (Platichthys flesus). There are infected fish with just one lymphocystis cell but in most cases several hypertrophied cells occur singly or grouped together in raspberry-like clusters with a tumorous appearance. Therefore, these signs are considered as “pseudo” tumors.


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