Standing-Wave Solutions

  • Roger G. Newton
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One of the standard solutions of the Schrôdinger equation is defined by means of the Green’s function
$$G_0^P (k,x)\;: = \;\frac{1}{{(2\pi )^3 }}P\;\int_{IR^3 } {dk} ^\prime \frac{{e^{ik' - x} }}{{k^2 - k'^2 }}\; = \; - \frac{{\cos k\left| x \right|}}{{4\pi \left| x \right|}},$$
where P stands for Cauchy’s Principal value, the integral equation
$$\psi ^P (k,\theta ,x) = e^{ik\theta \cdot x} + \int {_{IR^3 } dyG_0^P (k,x - y)V(y)\psi ^P (k,\theta ,y).} $$


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