The Wheat Rust Pathogens

  • Douglas R. Knott
Part of the Monographs on Theoretical and Applied Genetics book series (GENETICS, volume 12)


The wheat rust pathogens belong to the genus Puccinia of the family Pucciniaceae of the order Uredinales of the class Basidiomycetes (Littlefield 1981). In the Basidiomycetes, meiosis occurs in a basidium and results in the production of four, haploid, single-celled basidiospores. The order Uredinales includes the rust fungi, which are highly specialized plant pathogens. Depending on the taxonomist, the Uredinales are divided into two or more families based on the characters of the teliospores. By far the largest number of rust species belong to the Pucciniaceae and Puccinia is the largest genus in the family. Because the rust fungi are highly specialized and have narrow host ranges, identification of the hosts is an important aid in identifying a rust fungus.


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