State Lists

  • E. G. Schlechtendahl
Part of the Research Reports ESPRIT book series (ESPRIT, volume 1)


All state list are divided into three sections:
  • 1. control section

    The control section is a storage for information which is relevant only as long as an entity is open. This section will not survive when the list is closed. Essential items in this section are the enclosing entity and its state. Also the name which was used on the neutral file to identify the entity is part of this section.

  • 2. directory section

    The directory section contains a directory of all named entities received within the open entity from the neutral file. The directory contains the names as given on the file together with references to the entities after the storage in the open entity.

  • 3. value section

    The value section will store the result of actions which have been carried out to define the open entity. Upon closure of an open entity the value will become one entry in the closing_entity_list. When the open world is closed, its value is copied into the receiving CAD system data base (either on the world level or on an assembly level defending on the directives to the post-processor).


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