Calculation of Interdigital Transducer Interaction with SAWs and BAWs

  • F. Seifert
  • A. R. Baghai-Wadji
  • K. C. Wagner
  • G. Kovacs
Part of the Springer Series on Wave Phenomena book series (SSWAV, volume 7)


Since the interdigital transducer (IDT) was used by WHITE and VOLTMER /1/ in 1965 to excite surface acoustic waves (SAWs) on plane piezoelectric substrates, signal processing devices based on this effect have evolved to a high degree of maturity and are described comprehensively in the book by MORGAN /2/. These devices are fabricated in a one step planar metal layer technology and consist mainly of launching (L) and receiving (R) — IDTs whose structure determines the electric filter characteristic. Simple physical reasoning shows, that the IDT’s SAW impulse response h(t) in a first approximation is given by its structure (i.e. the finger arrangement and mutual finger overlap, called apodisation). Fourier transform (FT ) yields the transfer function \(\bar H\)(w) of the IDT:
$$\bar H\left( w \right) = F{T^ - }\left( {h\left( t \right)} \right).$$


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  • A. R. Baghai-Wadji
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  • K. C. Wagner
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  • G. Kovacs
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