Head and Neck Cancer: A General Overview

  • George E. Laramore
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In 1987 the American Cancer Society estimates there will be 41 900 cases of head and neck cancer in the United States alone (Silverberg and Lubera 1987). There will be approximately 13 200 deaths due to these malignancies. While tumors of the head and neck are uncommon compared to those arising in the lung, breast, prostate gland, or gastrointestinal tract, their diagnosis and treatment constitutes a major medical management problem. The majority of head and neck cancers are squamous cell in histology and are associated with the twin risk factors of tobacco and ethanol abuse. They generally occur in patients in the lower socioeconomic strata and such persons often wait until the tumors are quite advanced before seeking medical attention. These patients may have a marginal existence at best and often cannot cope with the cosmetic deformities of surgery and/or the rigors of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.


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