Some Neurological and Hereditary Aspects of Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia and Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy

  • S. I. Mellgren
  • T. Torbergsen
  • E. B. Mathiesen
  • N. J. Brautaset
  • S. Lindal
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Increasing weakness of the extraocular muscles, progressive external ophthalmoplegia (PEO), may be combined with a variety of other clinical features. It is also often seen in the classic ocular and oculopharyngeal myopathies. For many years these have been dealt with as variants of muscular dystrophies in neurological texts. Recognizing that underlying mitochondrial abnormalities may be present in some patients with these syndromes contributes to making the classification very complicated.


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  • S. I. Mellgren
  • T. Torbergsen
  • E. B. Mathiesen
  • N. J. Brautaset
  • S. Lindal

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