Economic Analysis of Different Patterns of Psychiatric Treatment and Management of Chronic Psychotic Patients in the Basque Country

  • J. A. Ozámiz
  • J. M. Cabasés
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A systematic follow-up of the psychiatric population in the Basque Country has been developed in the last few years. This has been done as a part of the Basque Psychiatric Care and Mental Health Plan established by the Department of Health. One of the key aspects of this follow-up is the compilation of a Psychiatric Case Register that has been in operation since October 1983, providing data on an increasing number of psychiatric cases, the characteristics of the patients, and their care processes, through the systematic recording of every single care contact. This has made possible the estimation of the costs of mental health care.


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  • J. A. Ozámiz
  • J. M. Cabasés

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