Molecular Self-Diffusion and Microemulsion Bicontinuity

  • B. Lindman
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Microemulsions are thermodynamically stable solutions of oil, water (or other polar solvent), surfactant and often salt and/or cosurfactant. Most intriguing from many points of view are microemulsions of three-component systems in which small amounts of surfactant can mix equal volumes of water and oil. The high volume ratio solvents-to-surfactant immediately suggests these solutions to be microstructured and surfactant molecules are generally assumed to form monomolecular layers between oil and water domains. This point is directly verified in different types of experiments, but to provide a structural description is quite demanding and many experimental approaches are difficult to apply under conditions of highly dynamic situations with about equal volumes of the two solvents.


Nonionic Surfactant Surfactant Molecule Bicontinuous Structure Didodecyldimethylammonium Bromide High Volume Ratio 
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