Smectic Liquid Crystals

  • Ger Vertogen
  • Wim H. de Jeu
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In this chapter we consider the smectic mesophases, that are characterized by both orientational order of the long molecular axes and by a reduced positional order. The common feature of the various smectic mesophases is the existence of a one-dimensional (1D) density wave: the molecular centres are, on average, arranged in equidistant planes. Additional symmetry properties, that distinguish the various types of smectic phase as indicated by the subscripts A, B, … I, are discussed in the first section. The second section is devoted to phases in which the director is orthogonal or tilted with respect to the liquid smectic layers. These phases are called smectic A and smectic C, respectively. Next, various types of order can be distinguished within the layers. These types of smectics are discussed in the remaining sections. Information is given about the structure and the resulting textures of the various smectic modifications.


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