Navigational High-Level Interface for an Expert Data Base

  • J. T. Karczewski
Conference paper


At the Safety Science Group of Delft University of Technology we are working with a Database Management System (DBMS) for scientific purposes. One of the key problems when using database systems is the end-user interface. In building an expert system or in use of the database contents by experts, often non-computer specialists, the end- user language plays a major role. We can specify a number of requirements for- such a system:
  • simple data description language, which allows description of the logical structure of the system,

  • possibilities to extend or reduce the database schema at any level of the data hierarchy,

  • high-level, non procedural end-user language,

  • full independence of data and programs,

  • relieving the user of the details concerning the physical organization of the database.


Query Language Database Management System Database Schema Network Database Full Independence 
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  • J. T. Karczewski
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  1. 1.Delft University of TechnologyDelftThe Netherlands

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