A Complex Model for Simulating the Lake Balaton Ecosystem

  • T. Kutas
  • S. Herodek
Conference paper


As discussed in Chapter 3, the response of water quality to changing nutrient loads is examined using simple empirical relations and complex dynamic models. The former are used to determine the P content of the water, chiorophyll-a (Chl-a) concentrations, and primary production as functions of nutrient load, water depth, and retention times, based on the statistical evaluation of measured data from many lakes. It is an advantage to work with few, easily measurable parameters, but they inherently assume an equilibrium state in the system (which is not true in most cases), and they cannot describe changes in water quality over time, i.e., how long it will take before the next steady state of the system is reached under new nutrient load conditions.


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  • S. Herodek

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