A Robotic Drilling System with On-Line Sensing and Quality Control

  • Shi-Yuàn Horng
Conference paper


An intelligent robotic system was developed for the automation of drilling aircraft holes. In the system a specially designed drilling end-effector controlled by a micro-computer is instrumented with 5 sensors. The spindle speed, displacement, thrust force, torque, lateral vibration, and air pressure are monitored during the drilling operation. Special drilling functions and machine intelligence achieved in this robotic drilling system include: quick tool changing, precise close-loop countersink depth control, automatic chip removal, drill wear sensing and machine failure detection. Through research effort the relationship was found between the cutting dynamics and resulted hole quality. Algorithms were developed to on-line detect and diagnose different types of hole defects. This real time quality control system enables the robotic drilling system to produce holes with acceptable quality.


Nova Scotia Spindle Speed Thrust Force Material Handling Industrial Robot 
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  • Shi-Yuàn Horng
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  1. 1.AT&T Bell laboratories, Inc.Murray HillUSA

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