Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer with Tamoxifen

  • C. Rose
  • H. T. Mouridsen
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 91)


The overall response rate in advanced breast cancer patients treated with endocrine therapies is in the range of 30% [1, 2]. In recent years it has been demonstrated that response to various forms of endocrine treatment can be predicted in approximately 60% of cases provided that the patient’s tumor tissue contains the estrogen receptor (ER) protein [3]. This response rate is in the same range as that obtained with cytotoxic therapy [1, 2]. Furthermore, a response to endocrine therapy seems to predict that a response to subsequent cytotoxic treatment will be of longer duration and lead to prolonged survival [4, 5]. Another aspect of endocrine therapy is that new remissions can be achieved when using subsequent endocrine therapies [6–11]. Therefore, taking into account the fact that treatment of patients with metastatic disease is, at best, palliative, it appears that there is a sound clinical rationale behind the use of the relatively nontoxic endocrine treatment modalities.


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