Lagrangians of the Electroweak Interactions

  • Masud Chaichian
  • Nikolai F. Nelipa
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We proceed with the models of electromagnetic and weak interactions. To construct the Lagrangian for a unified model, the following steps are required.
  1. 1)

    Choosing the gauge group which determines the interaction-mediating fields; the number of the gauge fields is equal to the dimension of the adj oint representation of this group;

  2. 2)

    Choosing primary fermions to underlie the model;

  3. 3)

    Choosing the representations of the gauge group in which the fermions are placed; the lowest representations are usually chosen.

  4. 4)

    Introducing an appropriate number of multiplets of scalar mesons as well as of interaction terms of these multiplets with the fermions (the Yukawa terms) to obtain massive particles;

  5. 5)

    Specifying the final composition of the model;

  6. 6)

    Writing the globally invariant Lagrangian for the model;

  7. 7)

    Writing the corresponding locally invariant Lagrangian;

  8. 8)

    Using the spontaneous symmetry-breaking mechanism to obtain the expression for the Lagrangian and then to diagonalize its free part.



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  • Masud Chaichian
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  • Nikolai F. Nelipa
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  1. 1.Department of High Energy PhysicsUniversity of HelsinkiHelsinki 17Finland
  2. 2.Institute for Nuclear PhysicsMoscow State UniversityMoscowUSSR

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