Chaos and Solitons in Josephson Junctions

Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 47)


The Josephson point junction [1–4], whose simplest description is by the RSJ pendulum — like equation [5–6], is a simple nonlinear system with a single degree of freedom, which displays a variety of interesting and non-trivial phenomena. These include a possible hysteretic behavior with a dc current drive, harmonic and subharmonic frequency-locked solutions [7–12] with ac and dc current drive, including a “devil’s staircase”—type structure and the possibility of various types of chaotic [13,14] behavior [15–22]. Many of these phenomena manifest themselves in easily measurable properties, such as de I–V characteristics with or without an rf drive. When systems of more than one junction [23,24] are inductively connected in parallel, further interesting phenomena [1–4] such as the transfer of the excitation [24] across the arrangement may occur. In the limit of a long continuous junction this becomes the motion of a soliton type “particle” across the junction [25,26]. It is important to analyze the way the motion of this particle can be controlled by external forces such as currents and magnetic fields and how it is sensitive to dissipation, thermal noise and boundary conditions [27–39]. In these lectures we shall analyze the chaotic phenomena in the rf — driven junction in Sect.2 and in the inductively coupled junction [6,40] in Sect.3. The problem of sine-Gordon solitons in a long junction will be treated in Sect. 4.


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