Abortion from the Viewpoint of Unresolved Separation Conflicts: A Psychoanalytical Study

  • O. Jürgensen
Conference paper


In 32 of 122 patients (26%) who came for abortion counselling in 1978–1979, unwanted conception and consecutive abortion seemed to be related to a present separation trauma or former object loss. All patients were questioned by means of a free interview which was recorded immediately afterwards. The following diagnoses were applied to the whole clientele: Oedipal conflict 35%; separation trauma 26%; adolescent problems 12%; no clear diagnosis 9%; rigid defense in old marriages with somatisation 7%; deprivation syndrome 7%; narcissistic disorders 4%. These diagnoses will be subject of another paper.


Adolescent Problem Unpleasant Impression Partner Relation Psychoanalytical Study Object Loss 
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