Measurement of Atherosclerosis by Arteriography and Microdensitometry: Model and Clinical Investigations

  • U. Erikson
  • G. Helmius
  • A. Hemmingsson
  • G. Ruhn
  • A. G. Olsson
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In recent years it has become clear that the use of clinical end points such as myocardial infarcts as a measure of the effect of serum lipid lowering carry considerable drawbacks, although it is the final goal of the preventive treatment. To get a more direct estimate of the effect of the treatment on the target — the atheroma — methods have been developed to quantitate small atheroma present in vivo in human beings (1). The present ongoing study uses as end point sequential computer estimated femoral atherosclerosis derived from arteriography. Asymptomatic men with massive hyperlipidaemia have been treated vigorously with potent serum lipid lowering drugs. Here we describe the angiographic and densitometric procedure and report the effect on atheroma development in the first eight consecutive cases treated with diet and drugs.


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  • U. Erikson
  • G. Helmius
  • A. Hemmingsson
  • G. Ruhn
  • A. G. Olsson

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