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Antiandrogens — Basic Concepts for Treatment

  • J. Hammerstein


Hirsutismus and androgenetic alopecia have several characteristics in common:
  • Both hair disorders are generally believed to be androgen-mediated by an increase in either systemic androgen production or androgen sensitivity of the target organ.

  • In both cases a male-type hair pattern is predominant, i.e. an increase in terminal body hair with a predilection to the male body areas or a decrease in scalp hair ultimately leading to baldness.

  • Both hair disturbances are suitable for hormone treatment, especially with antiandrogens.

  • Last not least, medical care of these disorders requires both dermatological and endocrinological expertise. A close cooperation between the two medical specialities is of benefit to the patient.


Estrogen Testosterone Androgen Estradiol Valerate 


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  2. 2.The Free University of BerlinBerlinWest-Germany

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