Progress in Inverse Optical Problems

Part of the Topics in Current Physics book series (TCPHY, volume 20)


The direct problem in optical physics is to predict the emission or propagation of radiation on the basis of a known constitution of sources or scatterers. The inverse or indirect problem is to deduce features of sources or scattering objects from the emitted or scattered radiation that has propagated to a detector. A small selection out of the large number of topics pertinent to the inverse problem in optical physics was examined in a previous volume in this series, entitled Inverse Source Problems in Optics [1.1], namely the phase retrieval problems, the question of uniqueness in the reconstruction of scatterers, the reconstruction of subwavelength sources, the connection between coherence and radiometric quantities, and the determination of statistical features of random phase screens from scattering data. A number of topics not covered by [1.1] are discussed in the present volume, Inverse Scattering Problems in Optics: deterministic and stochastic structural determinations using the theory of entire functions, the photon-counting statistics of optical scintillations with emphasis on the recently discovered K distributions, the connection between the raw data of photodetection and the properties of the received radiation field (the inverse detector problem), the ubiquitous question of the numerical instability of inverse problems, the multiangular absorption approach to combustion diagnostics, and polarization effects in inverse electromagnetic scattering.


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