The Anomalous Photovoltaic Effect in Ferroelectrics

  • Vladimir M. Fridkin
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It is well known that the photovoltage in semiconductors, whatever its nature, cannot exceed the energy gap, which is several volts. For instance, in a homogeneous semiconductor the Dember (diffusion) photovoltage does not exceed the following value [3.6] for an infinitely large intensity of the exciting light:
$$ V = \frac{{kT}}{q}\ell n\frac{{{n_1}}}{{{n_0}}} < < \frac{{kT}}{q}\ell n\frac{{{N_c}}}{{{n_0}}} = {E_g}.$$


Lithium Niobate Barium Titanate Curie Point Spontaneous Polarization Impurity Center 


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