Preliminary Trends of the EORTC Study Comparing Postoperative Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Chemoimmunotherapy or Abstention in Squamous Cell Bronchial Carcinoma

  • L. Israel
  • A. Depierre
  • R. Sylvester
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 68)


This is a very short interim report since, due to the stratification according to nodal status and the first random allocation to groups with and without radiotherapy, there are 16 subgroups among 310 patients available for analysis. For this reason, the EORTC expects no conclusive results before 2 additional years of follow-up. Nevertheless, some trends are beginning to appear that will be summarized below and should be considered as very preliminary.


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  • L. Israel
  • A. Depierre
  • R. Sylvester

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