Light Scattering in Superionic Conductors

Part of the Topics in Current Physics book series (TCPHY, volume 15)


In the past dozen or so years, inelastic scattering of light has become one of the most powerful means of investigating elementary excitations in condensed matter, along with such other methods as inelastic neutron scattering and photon absorption. Light scattering has been used in numerous ways to study both acoustic and optical phonons, and electronic and magnetic excitations of solids [5.1,2]. In this chapter we review the information on superionic conductors obtained by light scattering spectroscopy and attempt to correlate these results with the data gained by different techniques described in other chapters of this book. Before we go into a discussion of specific results for individual superionic materials, we shall outline the mechanisms involved in the light scattering process and the kind of information one gains by light scattering experiments.


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