Testis-Organizing Function of H-Y Antigen

  • Susumu Ohno
Part of the Monographs on Endocrinology book series (ENDOCRINOLOGY, volume 11)


The extreme evolutionary conservatism displayed by H-Y antigen is reminiscent of the similar and even more extreme conservatism displayed by histone IV. The very exact and invariant function must have been assigned to H-Y antigen throughout the age of mammals. As far as mammals are concerned, the role of the H-Y antigent almost had to be that of the primary (gonadal) sex determiner. H-Y antigen must have been diverting the emerging gonad’s inherent tendency to develop into an ovary, causing it to organize a testis instead.


Sertoli Cell Primordial Follicle Antigen Site Testicular Cell Gonadal Dysgenesis 
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