Personal Points of View on the Kiel Classification

  • K. Lennert
  • H. Stein
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In recent years, numerous research groups in all parts of the world have been working on the immunologic definition of lymphomas, e.g., the groups led by Aisenberg in Boston, Berard in Bethesda, Lukes and Collins in Los Angeles and Nashville, and Seligmann in Paris, to mention only a few. They have obtained remarkably similar results that also agree with our findings, at least by extrapolation, if not directly. It is not possible to give a detailed report on the results of these immunologic studies here. We shall confine this presentation to the morphologic entities and specify the lymphomas that can now be grouped into the B- or T-cell system by means of subtle morphologic analysis alone, i.e., the lymphomas that proved, without exception, to be B- or T-cell lymphomas in immunologic studies.


Malignant Lymphoma Mycosis Fungoides Hairy Cell Leukemia Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Prolymphocytic Leukemia 
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