Atomic Collisions in Solids

Part of the Topics in Current Physics book series (TCPHY, volume 5)


The concept of treating the penetration of energetic ions through solids in the context of the physics of binary atomic collisions requires some initial consideration. Clearly atomic collision processes which occur at distances larger than interatomic spaces in solids are difficult if not impossible to treat on a purely binary basis; on the other hand as the velocity of the penetrating ion increases, many processes involving these large impact parameters become less dominant and an atomistic treatment becomes more relevant. In the case of elastic scattering, for example, the large impact parameter effects upon deflection by atomic cores and the energy transfer to target atoms decrease with increasing projectile velocity. For collisions which lead to inner-shell ionization, the impact parameters are so small that the presence of the target atom in a solid medium will have hardly any effect except insofar as the state of the projectile ion is altered by its previous collision history in the solid. The approach then is to apply our knowledge of single collision atomic processes to the anticipated results of a sequence of binary processes.


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