X-Ray Production in Heavy Ion-Atom Collisions

Part of the Topics in Current Physics book series (TCPHY, volume 5)


X-ray emission was observed in 1895 by RÖNTGEN and was so named because of its mysterious nature at that time. It has now long been classified as electromagnetic radiation of atomic origin, and is known to be produced in ion-atom collisions from work dating back to around 1930, as reviewed by MERZBACHER and LEWIS [6.1]. Owing partly to the intervening rapid progress in nuclear nhysics, the interest in atomic collision processes subsided, and the subject was categorized as one of basically well-known phenomena until recently, when refined techniques led to many new and unexpected results. A major reason for the present interest in x-rays from ion-atom collisions is the complexity introduced by using heavy ions as projectiles, which in the last decade has resulted in the discovery of several intriguing effects not previously predicted. Experiment, together with application of well-accepted theories, has enabled many such effects to be understood and studied, and opened up the possibility of examining details of the ionization process which as a rule occurs prior to the x-ray emission.


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