Short Methods of Constructing Abridged Life Tables

  • T. N. E. Greville
Part of the Biomathematics book series (BIOMATHEMATICS, volume 6)


In recent years sociologists, public health officers, and students of population problems have been taking an increasing interest in the life table as a description of the age-variation in the chances of death and survival. As a result of this interest in the subject, attention has been focused on rapid methods of constructing abridged life tables. Some of thè most interesting and useful methods have been devised by nonactuaries and, probably for that reason, have not received the attention they deserve from the actuarial profession. It is the purpose of this paper to bring some of these methods to the notice of actuaries and also to show that certain formulas which have been put forward by their originators on purely empirical grounds actually have a valid mathematical basis....


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