Stochastic Processes and Population Growth

  • David G. Kendall
Part of the Biomathematics book series (BIOMATHEMATICS, volume 6)


The material reproduced here is a continuation of paper 45. Kendall’s equation (1), required for this section, is the differentia \(\frac{dN}{dt}=\mathit{v}N\), whose solution is the familiar exponential N(t) = N(0)e vt , where N(t) is total population size at time t and v is the intrinsic growth rate.


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  1. Karmel, P. H. (1947), “The relations between male and female reproduction rates,” Population Studies, 1, 249–74. (See also two further papers by Karmel, on the same topic, in volumes 1 and 2 of the same journal).CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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