The Role of the Interaction of Ca2+ with Troponin in the Regulation of Muscle Contraction

  • J. D. Potter
  • B. Nagy
  • J. H. Collins
  • J. C. Seidel
  • P. Leavis
  • S. S. Lehrer
  • J. Gergely
Conference paper
Part of the 26. Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie 10.–12. April 1975 in Mosbach/Baden book series (MOSBACH, volume 26)


In introducing this paper, that is dedicated to the memory of Professor H.H. Weber and deals with some aspects of the interaction of calcium and one of the regulatory proteins of muscle, it is fitting to recall that the Institute of which Professor Weber was Director pioneered in the development of our current concepts concerning the regulation of muscle contraction by Ca2+. This is attested to in greater detail by Professor Hasselbach's paper at this Symposium; it is also a pleasant duty to recall that it was the work of Annemarie Weber, independently carried out in the United States, that played a key role in bringing to light the important function of the free Ca2+ concentration in the regulation of actinmyosin interaction. Her work, and that of Ebashi and his colleagues (for reviews see Ebashi and Endo, 1968; Ebashi et al., 1969; Weber and Murray, 1973) led to the clear recognition that the interaction of aetin and myosin, the key step in the contraction process, depends on tiny amounts of free Ca++. Ebashi and his colleagues went on to show that while the system consisting of purified actin and myosin had no calcium sensitivity, in the presence of what at first was known as native tropomyosin the interaction between actin and myosin — reflected in superprecipitation and actin activation of myosin ATPase in the presence of Mg2+ — is dependent on Ca++. Native tropomyosin was soon recognized to consist of Bailey's tropomyosin (1948) and a new entity for which the name troponin (Tn) was coined (Ebashi and Kodama, 1965; Ebashi et al., 1972).


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  • B. Nagy
  • J. H. Collins
  • J. C. Seidel
  • P. Leavis
  • S. S. Lehrer
  • J. Gergely

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