Integration as an Innovation Course in the Education Concerning All Fields of Technology

  • Kazimierz Uzdzicki
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Technology as a subject being taught in secondary schools requires a special educational conception since it includes contents of different branches of technology. There are two possibilities of its realization. The first concerns educational contents. Its importance lies in the sequence concerning different fields such as wood, metal and plastic working and the following realization of each field separately.

The other conception, according to the author - a more rational one - consists of the integral approach which combines the teaching of the working and processing of the three above mentioned materials together. Activities such as cutting, drilling, sawing and turning, etc. are the essence of this conception. Hence the students are capable of a quicker transferring and distinguishing similarities and differences of the activities performed on different materials.

The article will comprise the possible and integrated solutions concerning all fields of technology education which is now being called ‘technology’ in Poland.


Technology education secondary schools innovation 


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