Nitrate or Ammonium Uptake and Transport, and Rapid Regulation of Nitrate Reduction in Higher Plants

  • Andreas D. Peuke
  • Werner M. Kaiser
Part of the Progress in Botany/Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 57)


Higher plants acquire nitrogen from the soil mainly in the form of nitrate and/or ammonium. The two N sources are taken up by the roots, where part of the nitorgen can be utilized directly or stored (mainly as nitrate). If nitrate or ammonium uptake exceed storage and utilization by roots, part of the inorganic nitrogen will be transported to the shoot, where it can be reduced and metabolized or stored as before. The first two sections of this chapter review physiological aspects of nitrate and ammonium uptake by the roots and their transport to the shoot. The third section focuses on the aspect of a rapid regulation of nitrate reduction in roots and shoots by environmental factors such as light, CO2, or oxygen availability.


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  1. 1.Julius-von-Sachs-Institut für Biowissenschaften mit Botanischem Garten, Lehrstuhl Botanik IUniversität WürzburgWürzburgGermany

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