Statistical multifragmentation

  • D. H. E. Gross
Conference paper


Two scenarios for the fragmentation of nuclei in collisions at intermediate energies are conceivable: A fast direct “shattering” or “abrasion — ablation” of a cluster has frequently been proposed in high-energy nuclear collisions. On the other hand there is an increasing number of data that suggest a nearly complete equilibration of the excited system before it breaks “simultaneously” into several pieces. The size-distribution, the size-correlations, the energy-spectra as well as the angular distributions are consistent with a loss of memory of the entrance channel. Because the latter scenario is ruled by the accessible phase-space and therefore by thermodynamics of a closed small system, which is a challenging problem of its own right, we treat only the statistical fragmentation of small equilibrized sources. A very similar situation is expected of the fragmentation of multiply charged metal clusters like Nan z+. With the help of Microcanonical Metropolis-Monte Carlo (MMMC) we study multifragmentation as a realistic example of thermodynamics of a finite many-body system subjected to long-range forces using the most basic prinicples of statistical physics. MMMC is an alternative to molecular dynamics but it has the advantage that one only samples the final states one is interested in and to get the relevant branching ratios.


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