Bioavailability of Therapeutically Used Hydrolytic Enzymes

  • P. Streichhan
  • W. van Schaik
  • G. Stauder
Conference paper


Humoral efficacy of orally administered hydrolytic enzymes used as systemic therapeutic agents requires that they should be absorbed. However, measurements of absorption in enzymes based on the substance itself result in varying results. Different measuring methods produce hydrolytic enzymes absorption rates which do not shift within the normal range but differ with regard to the dose administered between thousandth parts and more than 50% (Table 1): immunological tests show the lowest rates (< 1%), enzyme substrate tests values of less than 10%, and, radioactivity measurements using labeled enzymes (by means of radioactivity attached secondarily to biocatalysts) the most highest transfer values. The differences arise from viewing different peculiarities, i.e., substantial and effective qualities. One must bear in mind that enzymes are catalytically active substances.


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  • P. Streichhan
  • W. van Schaik
  • G. Stauder

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