Mechanical Circulatory Support at Henri Mondor Hospital: Indications for the Use of Different Devices

  • D. Loisance
  • P. H. Deleuze
  • J. P. Mazzucotelli
  • M. L. Hillion


At Henri Mondor Hospital, the application of mechanical circulatory support (MCS) has, for many years, been a major interest. After a long period of experimental research, our first clinical use of MCS, as a bridge to transplantation, was in 1986. An ECMO system, in place for 12 h, allowed cardiac transplantation in a patient who could not be weaned from cardiopulmonary bypass [1]. Since then we have progressed, first using the Jarvik in 1987 [2], then the Hemopump in 1989, the Novacor LVAS in 1991, and implanting the first wearable Novacor in the spring of 1993 [3].


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  • D. Loisance
  • P. H. Deleuze
  • J. P. Mazzucotelli
  • M. L. Hillion

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