The Saint Nabor Cup: 8 Years of Experience

  • P. Schuster


Aseptic loosening of total hip prostheses is one of the major long-term causes of failure and presents serious reconstruction problems for the surgeon [15]. It has been shown by Sutherland [19] and Morscher and Schmassmamm [13] that femoral loosening increases linearly with time, whereas socket loosening increases exponentially. A rapid acceleration of socket loosening occurs 7 years post operatively. Orthopedic surgeons therefore rapidly became interested in uncemented fixation by bone ingrowth: press-fit impacted cups: Judet, 1971 [9]; screwed cups: Lord, 1976 [10]; and press-fit cups with additional screw fixation: Harris 1984 [8]. The St. Nabor cup, which belongs to the latter category, and was the first European design of its kind, was first implanted in August 1985 [17].


Titanium Migration Arthritis Polyethylene Degenerative Arthritis 


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