Cytology and Morphogenesis of Pollen and Spores

  • Michael Hesse
Part of the Progress in Botany/Fortschritte der Botanik book series (BOTANY, volume 56)


This review on the development and structure of spores/pollen grains, on pollen germination, and pollen tube formation covers the period from 1990/1991 to the beginning of 1994; earlier papers are only referred to if necessary. It is a follow-up to my review in Prog. Bot. 52. Papers dealing with the structure and the developmental events in isolated pollen protoplasts, with allergenic pollen components, embryogenic pollen, or gene expression in pollen, etc. are not or only marginally referred to, as these topics are part of the applied research in fields like allergology, plant genetics/breeding, etc. It is, furthermore, not intended to give a full list of pollen/spore developmental papers published since 1990. I strongly refer the reader to Vol. 140 of Int. Rev. Cytol. (1992), where reviews and pertinent dates on many interesting topics of pollen development (cytoplasma organization, generative cell, sperm cells, cytoskeleton, male germ unit, etc.), covering literature up to 1991, are presented. In several cases I will refer to this volume, but only in a very abbreviated way, to avoid redundancies.


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