Slotta 1983:

“It was really presumptuous of me to start studying chemistry in 1919. In 1914 a French bullet had gone straight through my chest, and in 1915 piece of shell became lodged in my brain, often causing Scizures. My education in the classic — Latin and Greek — had gone down the drain, my knowledge of mathematics was below zero, and I had never had a single class in chemistry. When I was interviewed by Heinrich Blitz, the Director of the Chemical Institute at the old and venerated University of Breslau, I wore my lieutenant’s uniform with a row of medals — and I probably clicked my heels on entering his office. He inquired about my background in chemistry and on hearng that there was none, chucled happily: That’s great! Then you are not burdened by any wrong concepts. I was accepted and started my first universiy term, aged 24.


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