Marrian, Guy Frederic

  • Gerhard Bettendorf


Guy Marrian was educated at Tollington School and University College, London, where he was awarded the BSc. in 1924 and the DSc. in 1930. He was lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry at University College under Sir Jack Drummond. Here he began his work on oestrin. In 1929 he isolated pregnandiol and in 1930 crystalline oestriol from human pregnancy urine. In 1933 Marrian became Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto and in 1939 Professor of Chemistry in relation to Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. In the early 1950s he established together with John Gaddum and Dunlop the Medical Research Council’s Endocrinology Unit in Edinburgh. From 1959 until his retirement 1969 he was Director of Research of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London.


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