Evaluation of Pulmonary Fissures by Spiral CT

  • M. L. Storto
  • C. Ciccotosto
  • A. Guidotti
  • R. L. Patea
  • L. Bonomo
Conference paper


Pleural fissures are important landmarks within the pulmonary parenchyma allowing for accurate localization and distribution of pulmonary disease. Moreover, the assessment of transfissural extension may modify the surgical treatment of patients with lung cancer near a fissure, and require performance of a peumonectomy or bilobectomy rather than a lobectomy [2, 6, 7].


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  • M. L. Storto
  • C. Ciccotosto
  • A. Guidotti
  • R. L. Patea
  • L. Bonomo

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