Electron Driven Shock Waves: Antiforce Class II Waves

  • Mostafa Hemmati
Conference paper


The propagation of electrical breakdown waves in a gas has been investigated by applying a set of three-component fluid equations. The basic set consists of equations of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy, plus Poisson’s equation. In the fluid model, the wave front is assumed to be an electron shock wave followed by a transition region. The transition region in which the electron drift velocity and electric field go to zero is referred to as the sheath region. The sheath is very thin, being roughly a few mean free path long. Following the sheath region lies a comparatively thick region, in which the electron gas by means of further ionization cools to room temperature. This is referred to as the Quasi-Neutral Region. In a 1991 article (Proc. 18th ISSW), the solutions to different categories of breakdown waves for Quasi-Neutral Region, using the fluid model were reported. Now the boundary conditions and solutions to the Antiforce Class II Waves will be discussed.

Key words

Ionised gases Electron-driven shock waves 


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  • Mostafa Hemmati
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsArkansas Tech UniversityRussellvilleUSA

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